Medicines Care & Review Service (MCR)


This free NHS service is for patients with a long-term condition. The service will help you manage the medicines you take for your condition.

Our pharmacists are all experts in medicines and will talk to you regularly to help you get the most benefit from them.

If you register for the service, our pharmacists will look at how you use your medicines. They will then discuss with you any problems you may have with your medicines and whether you should get a MCR care plan.

A MCR care plan helps our pharmacists give you more regular care and advice about your medicines. They will give you a copy of your care plan and may also speak to your doctor about it.

Serial prescriptions: you may be able to get serial prescriptions from your doctor so you can get some medicines on a long-term, repeat prescription. This is different from having a normal repeat prescription.

For more about serial prescriptions, speak to a member of our team.

More information about Care planning:

If your pharmacist thinks a care plan would help you, they will ask you about any problems you are having with your medicines. They will talk to you about what you would like to do about the problems. They will then develop your care plan with you. It will set out any actions that you and the pharmacist need to take to help you with your medicines. The pharmacist will then regularly review and update the care plan with you.

Your care plan will include information on the following:

  • Any problems you may have with your medicines (for example, unpleasant side effects, difficulty swallowing tablets or remembering when to take them)
  • What the pharmacist would like to do to help you with your problems (for example, make it easier for you to take your medicines)
  • What the pharmacist and you think you both need to do to help with the problems (for example, Speak to your doctor about changing your tablets to easy-to-swallow capsules or a liquid)
  • When the problem has been solved or if something else needs to happen

The pharmacist will work with plan. They may share some information with your doctor, but only if you agree.

All staff working with or for the NHS have a legal duty to keep information about you confidential. Your care plan is held safely and securely by the pharmacy, and only a pharmacist can look at your care plan. You can ask for a printed copy of your care plan.

What happens when I have a care plan?

The pharmacist will review your care plan regularly with you. This will usually happen when you collect a repeat prescription. Sometimes, the pharmacist may ask to speak with you about your care plan. They will always talk to you in private. The pharmacist will check your care plan regularly to make sure it is helping you get the most benefit from your medicines, and will update your care plan if your healthcare needs change. Every person who registers for the NHS Medicines: Care and  Review service is entitled to have a care plan. If you can manage your medicines and condition well, you may not need a detailed plan.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact one of our pharmacies for more information. We’ll be pleased to answer your queries and help you get the best from your medicines.

Service details

Price: Free

Frequency: When required…


This service is available in all our pharmacies.

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