Female Hormones Test

Do you have irregular periods or are you wondering about your fertility?

Are you concerned about your general wellbeing, energy levels, weight or mood?

Visit our pharmacy for a quick, simple finger-prick blood test carried out by our qualified team. We’ll send your test to the laboratory and you’ll get your results within 7 days.
It’s better to know about your health than worry about your health. We can help. You are in safe hands.
Female hormone levels vary throughout the menstrual cycle, but imbalances can impact your everyday health in lots of different ways.
  • Provides results for 7 key female hormone markers, including LH, FSH and oestradiol
  • Provides hospital standard, easy-to-read results
  • Provides clear information and signposting to see your GP if required
  • Suitable for women aged 20 years and older; although for information about your menopause status you may prefer to take our Menopause Test
  • Not suitable for those taking hormonal contraception or hormone replacement therapy
  • Sample taken on Day 3 of your menstrual cycle (if cycling)

Optimise your health with us

Take control of your health in a positive way. Understand whether your female hormones status may be impacting your health and what you can do to help yourself.

Using a quick and easy pharmacy-to-laboratory finger-prick blood test. Get your results within 7 days.

Be aware that finding out your female hormone levels is the first step to making positive changes. It is also easy to track your hormone levels over time to see how they are changing with age.

Take steps to change your life for the better

Measuring your female hormone status is important, particularly if you…

  • want to know more about what might be impacting your health
  • experience irregular periods
  • are concerned about your fertility
  • suffer from low energy
  • suffer from acne
  • suffer from mood swings
  • wonder if you are going through early menopause
  • are intrigued to find out more

What Is Tested for

LH and FSH are hormones produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. These hormones are responsible for ensuring the normal function of the ovaries and the menstrual cycle.

Oestradiol is the main female sex hormone.

Note: a recent study has shown that finger-prick blood collection can result in approximately 20% lower oestradiol results than blood collected by venous full blood draw. For more information refer to our Terms and Conditions. 

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone, but levels are also important in women.

Sex-hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) is a key protein that binds sex hormones as they circulate in the blood. The SHBG level provides important information to help calculate the levels of hormones that are biologically active and available for use.

Free Androgen Index (FAI) is a marker of how much “active” testosterone is circulating in your body.

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