Fingerprint Drug Testing Service

Simple Fingerprint Drug testing

Dears Pharmacy are proud to introduce our new service for supporting drug and alcohol testing.

Simple, reliable drug testing at your fingertips

We have partnered up to utilise Intelligent Fingerprint Drug Testing Technology.

Our service uses the following:

Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening Cartridge for fast fingerprint sample collection and detection of multiple drug groups
Intelligent Fingerprinting DSR-Plus for portable, reliable analysis of the Drug Screening Cartridge within minutes
Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis for secondary laboratory-based confirmation testing, if required

Why Fingerprint Drug Testing?

Our offering allows the use of Intelligent Fingerprinting products both in our pharmacies or at the place of your work to make drug testing simpler and more convenient for everyone, whether you are administering a test or providing a sample.
  • Quick and easy – sample collection in seconds, results in minutes.
  • Hygienic and portable – fuss-free drug testing anytime, almost anywhere.
  • Versatile and dignified – ideal for many different organisations and applications.
  • End-to-end solution – fingerprint-based laboratory confirmation service available.

End To End Solution

Thanks to its non-invasive approach, the Intelligent Fingerprinting drug testing system is hygienic and easy to use. With sample collection in seconds and results in minutes, it’s ideal for use wherever a fast and convenient method of testing is needed. Should the screening test provide a non-negative result, further fingerprint samples can be collected for laboratory analysis using our confirmation test service, if required.
Fingerprint Drug Screening Cartridge
The unique Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening Cartridge is used to capture the sweat from all ten fingerprints for analysis using the portable Intelligent Fingerprinting DSR-Plus.
  • Quick and easy fingerprint sample collection
  • Non-invasive, hygienic and non-biohazardous
  • Small and lightweight
  • Screens for multiple drugs of abuse simultaneously including:
    • Opiates
    • Methamphetamine
    • Cannabis
    • Cocaine

The cartridges we use for testing use DSR-Plus Machine as a key element to analyze the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening Cartridge after a sample has been collected and it provides an on-screen non-negative or negative drug screening result for each drug in the test.

The DSR-Plus provides a preliminary screening result.

A fingerprint-based laboratory confirmation service is also available if required.
  • Convenient, fingerprint-based confirmation kit, including postage-paid returns envelope
  • Independent laboratory analysis
  • Unequivocal laboratory results obtained using Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

Application of use:

Whether you are an individual or a business looking for drug and alcohol testing our solution can help both within our pharmacy setting or at your place of work. 

The Intelligent Fingerprinting drug testing system is convenient, hygienic and quick to deploy, making it ideal for a variety of drug screening applications.

Workplace – for pre-employment checks, post-incident investigation and random drug testing, particularly in safety-critical sectors.

Our Service

Our experienced pharmacists offer the following solutions:

In Pharmacy Testing- Testing can be carried out in our private consultations rooms across our pharmacies in Oxgangs & Dunfermline. 

Workplace Testing- Our trained pharmacists can visit your place of work to carry out testing in your workplace making it easier and less disruptive to your day to day operations. 


In Pharmacy Testing: £49 per test

Workplace Testing

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements:


Select your preferred pharmacy to visit their page and enquire about this service or just pop in when it suits you.

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