Gluten free food scheme


If you are on a gluten-free diet, we can help you enjoy the benefits of the Scottish Gluten-Free Food Service. This is an NHS service which allows you to order and receive gluten-free food through your pharmacy instead of GP.

As well as being more convenient this service offers you: more control and choice in your gluten-free diet. the flexibility to change your order each month. reassurance that your receiving the unit allocation you’re entitled to. the opportunity to monitor your condition through an annual health check at your pharmacy.

You can start receiving this service through Willow Pharmacy in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Speak to your GP to find out if your eligible and if so, how many gluten-free units are available to you each month.
  2. Your GP will give you a signed registration form you can hand into us.
  3. You will be registered by the Pharmacist and we will give you more information about the food list and how easy it is to order.

Service details

Note: This service is only available to customers with the condition

Price: Free

Frequency: When required…


This service is available in all our pharmacies.

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