Testosterone Check

Understand your testosterone levels to help with sex drive and muscle mass

Dears Pharmacy are working in partnership with London Medical Laboratory to deliver this test.

Price per in pharmacy test provided during booking prior to confirmation.



Check your Testosterone levels. In adult males Testosterone is the hormone responsible for controlling sex drive, maintaining muscle mass and producing sperm.

Understanding your Testosterone levels may help if you are experiencing low sex drive, infertility, erectile dysfunction and more.

Testosterone levels should also be checked regularly by anyone using testosterone supplements for any reason.

How does this test work?

There is no better way to check for underlying health problems, or monitor existing conditions, than with a blood test.

Whether you are concerned about your health, managing an existing condition or simply curious, a blood test provides a fast, affordable and easy way to start taking charge of your own health.

We offer in-store testing to make the process as simple, stress free and convenient as possible.

You will receive your results in around 5 to 7 days.

*It is important to note that blood tests alone are not a substitute for seeing a doctor, particularly if you have any symptoms. You should not make a diagnosis or start any treatment without a consultation with a doctor or suitably trained healthcare professional.

What do you test?

Hormones (1 Biomarkers)

There are many types of hormones that support different bodily functions and processes including growth, metabolism, appetite and fertility. Hormone imbalances or deficiencies may be to blame for a wide range of symptoms and conditions.


Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced by the male testes and the adrenal glands in both men and women. This hormone production is stimulated and controlled by the luteinizing hormone. Testosterone is seen in large amounts in boys during puberty, causing growth of body hair and muscle development. It also regulates the male sex drive and maintain muscle mass. It is found in small amount in females from the ovary. Testosterone test is used to diagnosed various conditions such as erectile dysfunction and infertility in men.


What can cause low testosterone?

Conditions which directly affect the testes, including direct injury, infection or radiation can cause testosterone levels to drop significantly. Genetic conditions such as Klinefelter syndrome where a male has an extra X chromosome can also affect levels. Tumours, auto-immune conditions and some medications can also affect glands that produce this hormone.

What are some symptoms of low testosterone?

• Low libido • Increased breast size • Decreased body hair • Poor cognitive function • Depression • Loss of muscle mass.

Why is testosterone so important?

Testosterone is a major sex hormone which plays some key roles in the body including: • Muscular growth and strength • Sex Drive (libido) • Sperm production • Bone density and growth • Pubertal development • It also plays a vital role in females, produced in the ovaries and adrenal gland, keeping the balance with oestrogen.

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