Breastlight: exclusive new women’s wellbeing product…

Breastlight Breast Health Awareness is an important part of every woman’s health routine. Whatever your age, size or shape, BSE (breast self-examination) is an important part of taking care of breast health. BSE is one way of staying in control of breast health. By using Breastlight (the new women’s wellbeing breast awareness product), this can […]
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Learn more about our FREE Pill organiser service…

At Dears Pharmacy we are pleased to offer a FREE Pill Organiser Service that can help patients who take a lot of different medications at different times of day and have trouble keeping up with what they are meant to be taking and when. What is a FREE Pill Organiser System? A Pill Organiser System […]
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Find out more about our Travel clinic…

Pharmacy Travel Clinic We are pleased to announce our new Travel Clinics available in all our pharmacies. As a population we are travelling more regularly and further afield, yet many are unaware of the health risks associated with such travel, particularly to Asia, Africa and South America. Dears Pharmacy Travel Clinic serves to advise and […]
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