Lets Get Checked

Fertility testing

Fertility Testing At Dears Pharmacy, we are pleased to offer in partnership with Let’s Get Checked a simple and convenient testing kit to measure your ovarian reserve. Ovarian reserve (Anti mullerian Hormone) Why knowing your Ovarian Reserve is Important Decrease with age Fertility is decreased by half among women in their 30’s compared with women […]
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Sexual health testing

Sexual Health Testing  At Dears Pharmacy, we are proud to work in partnership with Let’s Get Checked to provide a range of testing kits to purchase with support and advice from our team of pharmacists. What do the kits offer Discreet and confidential sexual health checks for you and your partner. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) […]
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Dears Pharmacy Now Offering Lets Get Checked Fertility Tests…

Dears Pharmacy Now Offering LetsGetChecked Fertility Tests   The LetsGetChecked Ovarian Reserve personal fertility test is now available from your local Dears Pharmacy. Dears Pharmacy have 5 locations throughout Edinburgh and Fife all of which currently offer the Ovarian Reserve test alongside the LetsGetChecked range of personal sexual health tests.   Visiting your local Dears […]
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