Gluten free food scheme

Gluten free food scheme


Now it is quicker and easier to enjoy the foods you love. The Scottish Gluten Free Food Scheme lets you order your gluten free prescription foods directly from your local Dears Pharmacy. You’ll save time every month when you place an order at your local Dears Pharmacy because you no longer need to visit your GP – you can simply change your prescription by speaking to a member of our Pharmacy Team.

Service description

This means you can mix up your gluten free menu as often as you like and make the most of your monthly entitlement.

How to Register

1 - Ask your GP for a Patient Registration Form

2- Bring the completed form to your local Dears Pharmacy

How to start ordering:

1 - Check the number of units you can order each month with your GP or Dietitian

2 - Complete the gluten free food requirement order form provided by your GP or Pharmacist

3 - Hand your order to a member of our Pharmacy Team

4 - Your local Dears Pharmacy will let you know when your order will be ready to collect

5 - Complete a new form each month, changing your order as often as you like

Service details

Price: Free

Frequency: When required...


This service is available in / from the following pharmacies:


Easter Road




Select your preferred pharmacy to visit their page and enquire about this service or just pop in when it suits you.

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