Care home services

Care home services


At Dears Pharmacy we’ve been providing an exceptional service to nursing and care homes for over 25 years, helping them efficiently manage their residents’ medication needs. Our care home services are carefully designed to meet all of your pharmaceutical needs.

We can contribute to the smooth running of your home through a highly personal and professional medication service. We also offer bespoke training and support packages for your medication recording needs and have a proven track record in improving care home grading around the medication administration process.

Service description

- Regular deliveries of acute medication, with flexible cut-off times

- Original pack dispensing

- Pharmaceutical advice - providing support and staff training as required

- Medicine disposal

- Guidance on medicine storage

- Regular medication audits

- Developed auditing tools to assist with medication administration, making the overall process safe and allowing homes to keep better records

Service details

Price: Free

Frequency: When required...


This service is available in / from the following pharmacies:


Easter Road




Select your preferred pharmacy to visit their page and enquire about this service or just pop in when it suits you.

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