Diabetic early foot disease screening test

Diabetic Early Foot Disease Screening Test


Diagnosing and treating early diabetic foot disease with neuropad®.

Why do people with diabetes experience problems with their feet?

Sustained high blood glucose levels over a long period of time can cause damage to the nerve systems in the body.

Damage to the nerves in this way is most likely to affect the feet of people with diabetes.

How can I start looking after my feet?

neuropad® 10–Minute Screening Test® is a simple way to diagnose early diabetic foot disease.

The diabetic early foot disease screening test is non-invasive and painless and can be done at home or in the pharmacy.

neuropad® 10–Minute Screening Test® may pick up diabetes-related foot problems early so that more serious complications may be avoided through initiation of timely treatment.

Why people with diabetes should look after their feet?

Usually when skin is damaged as a result of dry skin it has the ability to heal quickly.

In patients with diabetes the healing process is slower and on occasion this can lead to the formation of an ulcer.

People with diabetes need to look after their feet. Establishing a simple foot care routine is vital.

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