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Rosacea is a skin condition estimated to affect one in ten people. It is caused by your blood vessels being enlarged. The symptoms of rosacea include:

  • flushing
  • persistent facial redness
  • papules (bumps or spots that appear as a swelling but don’t seem to have fluid in them)
  • pustules (spots that are filled with fluid or pus)

There is no cure for rosacea, but there is a treatment called Mirvaso that can improve your skin. It reduces the increased blood flow to the blood vessels in your face, which causes the skin problem.

Causes of Rosacea

No one knows why some people get rosacea, but it is thought that the facial redness and flushing are caused by enlarged blood vessels (which leads to an increased blood flow). Scientists are not sure why these changes to the blood vessels occur. Some dermatologists believe that exposure to sunlight can lead to skin damage and cause rosacea. Other possible causes include microscopic mites or certain types of bacteria.

What Triggers Rosacea? 

While little is known about the causes of rosacea, the triggers which lead to the skin condition are well known. Triggers can include:

  • stress
  • being in a hot environment
  • cold weather
  • eating spicy foods
  • caffeine
  • exposure to sunlight
  • alcohol consumption
  • exercise
  • humidity
  • having a high temperature (for example due to an infection)
  • some medical conditions such as high blood pressure
  • some blood pressure medications
  • dairy products

Some women experience rosacea symptoms such as hot flushes and redness during the menopause.

Rosacea and skin care

Certain skin care products can trigger the condition. Use alcohol-free and non-abrasive skin care products to avoid skin irritation. It is also recommended to avoid creams and gels which contain tea tree oil, witch hazel, menthol, clove oil camphor, peppermint, lanolin, sodium lauryl sulphate and perfume. Cosmetic products which irritate the skin cannot be used as a rosacea treatment.

Rosacea and diet

If your rosacea is triggered by certain foods, you can change your diet to improve your skin. Often reducing the amount of alcohol, spicy foods and caffeine you eat/drink can help. If you would like to find out whether your diet is contributing to your skin problem, you can begin a rosacea diary and list the foods you eat and the severity of your symptoms. This will help you to spot food-related triggers.

Acne Rosacea

Rosacea is sometimes referred to as “acne rosacea”. However, acne and rosacea are two different conditions with similar symptoms. While rosacea is caused by an unusual widening of your blood vessels, acne is caused by an overproduction of sebum.

Rosacea treatment with Mirvaso alleviates these symptoms and reduces the development of spots and papules. 

What is Mirvaso

Mirvaso is a gel for rosacea. Rosacea occurs when your blood vessels are enlarged. The symptoms are redness, flushing and spots. Mirvaso gel causes the blood vessels in your skin to narrow, which reduces the symptoms. The gel needs to be applied every day and is easy to use.

How to use Mirvaso

Mirvaso is used on a daily basis and it reduces symptoms of rosacea for the duration of one day. If you forget to apply the gel you may find you see that your skin goes back to being red on that day. When applying Mirvaso, use a pea-sized amount and spread it evenly across your face, covering your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose.

You must not use Mirvaso on eyes, lips or inside the nose. If the rosacea cream touches any of these areas, wash it off immediately using plenty of water.

If you would like to put on make-up or use other creams/cosmetic products, wait until Mirvaso has soaked in and dried before applying them.

Side effects

Mirvaso can cause side effects in some patients.

Common side effects include:

  • skin redness
  • flushing
Product Information

Mirvaso is available following a short consultation with our pharmacist and with no prescription necessary.

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