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Getting tested for Syphilis, one of the most common yet dangerous Sexually Transmitted Infections is now fast, accurate and easy. Dears Pharmacy in partnership with Better2Know’s offer a confidential instant Syphilis test takes only 10 minutes to run and will give you as accurate and specific results as you will get from our laboratory test.

Key Syphilis and Testing Information:

STI Type: Bacteria
Transmission: Direct contact with a Syphilis sore, chancre / Unprotected sexual intercourse, including: vaginal, anal or oral / Mother to Child during birth
Treatment: Antibiotics
Consequences: Increase in symptoms / Damage to your internal organs, nerves, brain and eyes / Can be life-threatening
Sample needed: Finger Stick (blood)
Incubation Period: 9 days
Results time: 10 minutes

When can I get tested?

A minimum 9 day period of incubation is recommended before you get your instant Syphilis test. This is the time from potential exposure to Syphilis and your instant Syphilis testing appointment. If you decide to test for Syphilis before this suggested time, your confidential results may not be as accurate as they can be.

When will I receive my results?

The results of your instant Syphilis test will be reported just 10 minutes after you have provided your blood sample. A signed and completed copy of the Rapid Test Results Report will be given to you. This will detail your instant Syphilis test result. If your test is reactive then you will be asked to provide a further blood sample which we will send to our laboratory for further testing before any treatment is initiated. This additional testing is provided to you at no further cost.

How accurate is my Rapid Syphilis test?

Better2Know’s instant Syphilis test is highly sensitive and is 99% accurate after the recommended 9-day incubation period. If you are worried about Syphilis, you should arrange your private appointment with Better2Know today.

Your Rapid Syphilis Process:

Your Better2Know testing is 100% confidential. Better2Know will not share your details with any third parties, unless you ask us to. You can also remain completely anonymous if this makes you feel more comfortable. We do not need your real name to arrange your instant Syphilis test so just provide us with suitable identifying details that you can remember.

Sample Collection and Analysis:

Our Pharmacy team will take a small blood sample for your instant Syphilis test. All that is required is a simple finger prick and a drop of blood for them to conduct your Syphilis test. Following sample collection, our pharmacy team will then conduct the test of your sample. Your blood sample will be added to the test cassette along with a buffer solution. If two lines appear, your instant Syphilis test is reactive. Negative tests will show only one line.

Syphilis Treatment if your test is reactive:

If your instant Syphilis test is reactive for infection, you will be asked to provide a venous blood sample for confirmatory testing. Better2Know can provide referrals to specialists who will provide additional guidance and support regarding Syphilis treatment. If you are worried about Syphilis, you should get tested at your earliest convenience to prevent any further health issues from developing as a result of an untreated infection.

What other STIs can I get tested for?

Instant testing at Better2Know’s private sexual health clinics is also available for six other sexually transmitted infections. Aside from Hepatitis B, you can also receive anonymous instant testing for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis C, Herpes 1 and 2, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. Better2Know’s instant screens will provide an instant picture of your STI status.

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Speak to your Dears Pharmacy team member today and arrange your confidential appointment. You can also use our secure payment system to book and pay for your appointment online.

Service details

Price: Our testing service costs £160 per person.

Additional Information on Herpes

Methods of Transmission:
  • Direct contact with a Syphilis sore, lesion or chancre is highly likely result in transmission
  • Unprotected sexual intercourse is the most common way to transfer Syphilis. This includes vaginal, anal or oral contact
  • Syphilis can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy or birth
  • All pregnant women should be tested for Syphilis

Syphilis is a common Sexually Transmitted Infection with over 45 million people worldwide diagnosed with the infection in 2015. There are around 6 million new cases of Syphilis diagnosed each year. Once infected, a person will generally pass through four distinct symptomatic stages if the infection remains undetected.

Syphilis symptoms vary depending on the individual and which stage of infection you are at (primary, secondary, latent or tertiary).

  • Primary stage: Visible sores or “chancres”.
  • Secondary stage: Fever, sore throat, swollen glands, rashes, hair loss, head and muscles aches.
  • Latent Stage: An asymptomatic period where symptoms can dissipate. During this time, you are still infected and can infect others.
  • Tertiary Stage: If the Syphilis infection remains untreated, it will cause damage to your internal organs, brain, nerves and eyes.

A Syphilis infection will not go away on its own. Syphilis is highly infectious and even brief exposure to a Syphilis chancre or unprotected sex with an infected person is enough to pass on this bacterial infection. Although the first signs of a Syphilis infection are visible sores or chancres, they are not always noticeable. These chancres can appear around the anus, around the vagina or in the mouth and typically do not hurt. These sores are often confused with simple ulcers or other blemishes so vital clues that you are infected can be easily missed.

  • Syphilis is curable with a course of antibiotics
  • Recent Syphilis infections are treated with an injection of antibiotics
  • Latent or Tertiary Syphilis infections may require a longer treatment course
Consequences of an Untreated Infection:
  • Prolonged Syphilis infections can trigger further complications that may compromise your long-term health.
  • If left untreated, the infection could spread to other parts of your body such as your heart, brain, eyes or nerves
  • At the tertiary stage of infection, Syphilis is still curable, but its effects can be irreversible
  • Untreated Syphilis can lead to a life-threatening condition

Syphilis is a very harmful infection that needs rapid treatment with antibiotics to cure. Fortunately, if Syphilis is identified early, you can get the right treatment and the infection eradicated before it does any long term damage to your body and organs. If a Syphilis infection is missed or not detected early, then the consequences can be grave. Any Syphilis Chancres that may appear early in the infection will heal and disappear. The rashes and other symptoms may go unnoticed leaving the infection to enter into the latent stage where it will begin to damage your heart, your nervous system, brain, eyes and other vital organs. Even though the infection can still be cured at this stage, any damage already done to your body is likely to be permanent. It is therefore vitally important that you get tested right away if you think you may have been exposed to a Syphilis infection.


You can prevent a Syphilis infection by not taking any unnecessary risks:

  • Always use a condom when having sex with a new partner
  • Get tested if you notice any unusual sores or blemishes after having sex
  • Alcohol and drugs can lead to poor decisions regarding safe sex
  • Encourage your sexual partners to get tested for Syphilis and other STIs
  • Notify any recent sexual partners if you test positive for Syphilis


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