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We can help by discussing various ways in which to make it easier to use your medicines in the right way. Our free NHS pill organiser service, PillPouch can help. If after this discussion it is the right option, we can supply your medicines in a community dosage system to help you remember which medicines to take and when. A community dosage system is a plastic tray split into seven columns (one for each day) and four rows (one for each dose of the day, e.g. breakfast, lunch, tea).

Service description

We can prepare these for you each week and deliver them to your home, asking you questions about your medical and family history and about your lifestyle. Our pharmacist can then provide you with specific guidance and advice to help you improve your Service details.

Price: Free service to eligible patients

Frequency: When required…


Please see our sister company PillPouch for more information: https://pillpouch.co.uk/


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