KorBand Back Belt

NuroKor BodySystem Accessory for your back and limbs

The multifunctional KorBand accessory was designed to make treatments easier when targeting back and limb pain. The large surface area provides efficient and effective treatment, with no need for adhesive gel pads. The KorBand can be used on almost all areas of the body and can be applied to your back, hip, waist or joints using the velcro strapping. It is compatible with both the mibody and mitouch devices.

Simply connect the KorBand via your NuroKor BodySystem device cables, add a few drops of water to the pad area, strap the velcro around the targeted area and set to a comfortable intensity.

The KorBand is designed to be discreet and can fit under clothes for treatment on-the-go.

Utilise KorBand for:

  • Back and limb pain
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Physical therapy for functional movement
  • Recovery from surgery, trauma or injury
  • Sports injury, inflammation and arthritic pain

How to use KorBand with your Nurokor BodySystem device (Refer to device user
guide for operating instructions)

  • To optimise treatment and gain connectivity, moisten pads with water spray or a
    few drops of water.
  • Position KorBand over the treatment area, securing comfortably with the strap.
  • Connect electrode cable to the KorBand using the electrode heads inside the
    pocket on the belt front.
  • Turn off or pause the device before inserting or removing the connector
    electrode cable (See device user guide).
  • Turn on your BodySystem device and adjust treatment intensity to a comfortable

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x KorBand
  • 1 x Electrode Cable

Service Details:

Price: £39.00 (currently instore only)

Location: Find your nearest pharmacy


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