Iron Status Profile

Check you Iron & inflammation levels

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Check your levels of iron, iron stores and get an indication of inflammation levels.

Iron is an essential component of the body which makes up red blood cells to transport oxygen all around the body.

Low iron can cause anaemia, a common issue causing a list of problems starting with fatigue, weakness and coldness which can then progress to more serious conditions.

We also test for how well the body can absorb iron which may be reduced in conditions affecting the liver.

How does this test work?

There is no better way to check for underlying health problems, or monitor existing conditions, than with a blood test.

Whether you are concerned about your health, managing an existing condition or simply curious, a blood test provides a fast, affordable and easy way to start taking charge of your own health.

We offer in-store testing to make the process as simple, stress free and convenient as possible.

You will receive your results in around 5 to 7 days.

*It is important to note that blood tests alone are not a substitute for seeing a doctor, particularly if you have any symptoms. You should not make a diagnosis or start any treatment without a consultation with a doctor or suitably trained healthcare professional.


What do you test?

Iron studies (5 Biomarkers)

Iron studies are a set of blood tests used to measure the amount of iron carried in the blood and stored in the bodies tissues. Iron deficiency can be the cause of a wide range of symptoms such as fatigue, chest pains and a shortness of breath.


Iron is a mineral which is needed for making red blood cells, which transports oxygen in the blood, and important for healthy muscles, bone marrow and organ function. Iron is measured to show the amount of iron in the blood. Low levels of iron can indicate anaemia whereas high levels can indicate liver disease.

Total iron binding concentration

Total Iron Binding Concentration (TIBC) is the maximum amount of iron that can be transported in the blood. Iron is used for the transportation of oxygen in the blood. TIBC tests are used to determine iron status and its absorption. This can be used to help diagnose Anaemia and iron overload conditions such as Haemochromatosis. Your TIBC will be impaired if you also have existing liver disease.

Unsaturated iron bonding concentration

Unsaturated Iron Binding Concentration (UIBC) is the amount of transferrin that is reserved for the iron transportation. Iron is used for the transportation of oxygen in the blood. UIBC tests are used to monitor treatment for iron toxicity.


Ferritin is a blood protein that is used to store iron. Iron is used for the transportation of oxygen in the blood. It is measured to understand how much iron the body stores. Ferritin test are used to diagnose anaemia and liver disease.


Transferrin is an iron-binding glycoprotein that is produced by the liver. It is used to transport iron which transports oxygen in the blood. Transferrin tests are used to determine iron status and can be used to diagnose anaemia.


How long does it to balance iron levels after a test?

It may take up to 6 months to restore iron levels if they are below the normal range – depending on your results. Therefore, regular testing is encouraged to monitor your progress.

What happens if my iron levels are too high?

Excess iron is known to be stored in major organs including the heart, liver and endocrine glands. This can either be caused by excess iron supplementation/intake, liver disease or a specific medical condition.

What happens if my iron levels are too low?

If your iron levels are below the normal range then you may be at risk of being considered anaemic. Symptoms of anaemia include tiredness, difficulty concentrating and a decrease in hair and nail quality.

What is iron for and what does the iron status profile include?

Iron is a critical part of haemoglobin – a protein in your blood that helps carry oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. Our Iron Status Profile measures your iron levels, iron stores and indicates inflammation levels.

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