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Rapid detection of acute respiratory infection

A rapid all-in-one point-of -care test device that can identify a clinically significant acute respiratory infection and differentiate viral from bacterial 

Dears Pharmacy FebriDX Virus Bacteria Test

Introducing FebriDx®: Feeling Unwell? Do you have symptoms but don’t know what’s causing them?  With the FebriDx® test, our pharmacists can help you find out what’s wrong and help you find relief for your symptoms within 10 minutes.

FebriDx® is a simple pinprick blood test that can detect Viral and Bacterial infections within just 10 minutes. Through unique technology, FebriDx® is able to determine what kind of infection you have to help us pin down what’s causing your ailments. With up to 99% accuracy, we can administer a test to quickly determine what’s causing your symptoms and use our expertise to help you find treatment or relief. Don’t suffer in silence or wait days to visit your GP to find out what’s wrong, visit Dears Pharmacy today for this appointment free service!

Who should come for the test?

If you’re suffering from recent onset respiratory symptoms such as the ones below then FebriDx® can help you find out why, so that we can help you start to feel better:

Cough Blocked/Painful Sinuses Sore throat
Runny nose Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing Sneezing

The outcome may well be that you don’t have any kind of infection, in which case we can help you find a product that will give you symptomatic relief to help ease your discomfort.

Taking the test:

The tests are a compact, all in one unit that give quick, accurate results with minimal discomfort to the person taking the test. There are no invasive nasal swabs or large blood samples needed, you won’t even see a needle! Our trained pharmacists will simply push the protected lancet into your finger to create a small pin prick and take a small blood drop which the test unit will then analyse. The process can take under a minute and the tests will give results within 10 minutes of being administered.Dears Pharmacy FebriDx Virus Bacteria Test

What can this test detect? 

The FebriDx® Rapid Test is capable of detecting an immune response to a viral or bacterial infection. It be indicative of the following illnesses.

MxA positive result CRP positive result
• Influenza A/B


• Adenovirus

• RSV 1-2

• Parainfluenza Virus 1-4

• Metapneumovirus

• Herpes simplex

• Epstein Barr

• Coronavirus

• Cytomegalovirus

• Rhinovirus

• Group A & C Beta Hemolytic Strep

• N gonorrhea

• C Diphtheria

• M, C Pneumoniae

• B Pertussis

• Fusiform bacteria

How does it work?

FebriDx® produces a multiplexed result pattern combining C-reactive protein (CRP) and myxovirus resistance protein A (MxA).

Dears Pharmacy FebriDx Virus Bacteria TestCRP is an acute phase inflammatory protein that is elevated in both viral and bacterial infections. Bacterial infection is a potent stimulus of marked CRP elevation. CRP is elevated within 4-6 hours of onset and is correlated with the severity of the infection.

MxA is an intracellular blood protein that is stimulated by interferon (IFN) alpha/beta cells.3 IFN cells are induced by viruses and form an essential part of the immune system’s defence against viral infections. MxA protein becomes elevated only in the presence of acute viral infections and not in bacterial infections.

By combining an acute phase inflammatory protein, CRP, and a specific viral marker, MxA, the dual biomarker technology of FebriDx® improves the sensitivity and specificity of both markers. Neither CRP nor MxA alone is sensitive or specific enough to differentiate viral from bacterial infections. At low levels, CRP is very sensitive but non-specific at confirming bacterial infection. At high levels, the reverse is true. MxA is specific for viral infections only and will not be elevated in the presence of a bacterial infection.

FebriDx® optimises the sensitivity and specificity of both markers to accurately and reliably differentiate between viral and bacterial ARIs.

Service Details:

Price:£30, including administration of the test by one of our trained pharmacists


Select your preferred pharmacy to visit their page and enquire about this service or just pop in when it suits you.

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