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Drug Free TENS Machine for Pain Relief

What is a TENS machine? A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine uses an electric current to stimulate nerves for therapeutic purposes. Small electrical impulses are then delivered to the part of the body where the pads have been placed, where they carry out two main functions: The blocking/interruption or reduction of pain signals travelling […]
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Drug Free Allergy Reliever for Hay Fever

Kinetik’s Allergy Reliever- Natural & Drug Free Way to Beat Hay Fever One in five people will suffer from Allergic Rhinitis, commonly known as hay fever, at some point in their lives so the news of an early and severe hay fever season will be cause for concern for many. The suffering is often a […]
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Blood Pressure Service – MayMeasure

Blood Pressure: MayMeasure Blood pressure is one of the most widespread topics of discussion amongst healthcare professionals today. Here at Dears Pharmacy we would like our customers to be aware of the facts about blood pressure, as maintaining a healthy blood pressure can be key to maintaining a healthy life. We are proud to support MayMeasure […]
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